Specialists in company taxes in Spain

At Vic2asesores we have specialists in corporate taxes in Spain, who have extensive professional experience, excellent academic training and the necessary competence to meet any type of need of our clients, in addition, they are in constant training to update their knowledge. in said matter.

We care about taking care of our ties with customers in order to forge a relationship of mutual trust, this is how we have managed to retain hundreds of users over the years.

Our services

Accounting - Tax

Tax advice and management for companies, the self-employed and individuals, is one of our specialties and to which we dedicate first-rate material and human resources, for this reason we can guarantee you an effective and excellent management job.

Among the efforts we carry out we have:

  • Comprehensive tax advice: consists of the ordering of tax operations, in order to manage tax operations under the framework of applicable tax legislation.
  • Planning of operations and definition of fiscal policy.
  • Resolution of the proposals and/or queries that are made to us within the scope of tax issues.
  • Information related to regulations, resolutions and sentences of interest to clients.
  • Preparation, review and processing of writings, consultations or models required or addressed to the Tax Administration.
  • Assistance in the presentation and preparation of tax returns:
    • Personal Income Tax.
    • Corporate tax.
    • Installment payment: objective estimate (modules) and direct.
    • Value Added Tax (IGIC).
    • Special taxes.
    • Inheritance tax.
    • Withholding and payment on account of taxes.

  • Processing of tax deferral files.
  • Claims and resources.

And everything that is necessary for us to manage at the fiscal level for your company.


we offer all the services related to administrative management to which individuals and businessmen are forced by private or public organizations, either directly or through collaborators.

Our services mainly involve the processing of all kinds of files: licences, legalizations, subsidies, etc., before public administrations (AEAT, town halls, ATC, council, Government of the Canary Islands, etc.), as well as before entities that customers can sue (registries, notaries, finance companies, banks, etc.).
Our main objective is to do a good job, which, in addition to fulfilling the obligations in question, generates customer satisfaction and makes them recommend us to their contacts for our good work and professionalism.

Due to our professionalism and experience, we are able to carry out the work in very short deadlines and with great agility. Thanks to the large team that constitutes us, collaborators and sufficient means to be at the forefront of knowledge and working methods, we provide legal and technical services of all kinds and find solutions to any demand.

Labor management

we have a labor department focused on managing any aspect in the area of ​​labor relations. Our wide range of services includes the following:

  • Preparation of different types of contracts. We study for each case the one that best suits your company, taking into account the current labor regulations and the reductions, bonuses and other benefits that derive from it.
  • Preparation of social security and payroll.
  • Management of discharges and registrations in social security, derived from employment contracts.
  • Management of reports of accidents at work and temporary disability.
    • Professional representation before the mediation, arbitration and conciliation service (SMAC).
    • Professional assistance in labor inspections requested by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security (MEYSS).
    • Processing of files before the competent labor authorities.
    • Negotiation of debts acquired with social security.

We have a work team that is governed by principles of constant improvement, which takes care of every detail of your business while maintaining a responsible and cordial treatment.

Professionals company tax specialists in Spain

Corporate taxes are one of the cornerstones of our Vic2asesores cabinet. We are backed by a deep knowledge of the subject, extensive experience and a formidable network of contacts. Trust us and call us.